Parkour Block 5

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Play Parkour Block 5 to conquer dangerous lava lakes by jumping from block to block. The door at the end of this block road, can you conquer it?

After playing this parkour game, you can join Cow Bay to experience new geners.

How to play

This 5th version of the Parkour Block series gives you simple controls.

How to control Parkour Block 5

This online game has simple controls with basic keys.

  • Use ARROW KEYS to move.
  • Use SPACEBAR to jump.

With these basic keys, you can control your character to jump from one block to another. This is the goal of the players to conquer this Parkour Block 5 game.

How to jump from block to block

In Parkour Block 5, to jump from one block to another, you just need to move and jump. Of course, you need to move forward while jumping to reach the exit. This jumping process will be extremely thrilling, but Vectaria.io is more exciting because it's multiplayer game.

However, in many cases, you cannot just move forward. Observe the location of the blocks and move to the appropriate position before jumping. It is easy to fall into the lava lake, so you need to move very carefully. The location and size of the blocks are different.

Tips to play Parkour Block 5

To beat this online game, players need to conquer each level. Each level has an exit that leads to the next level. With this feature, players can play slowly to conquer this Parkour Block 5 game.

Players should observe each block. You can't see right under your feet, so looking before you jump is extremely important.

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