Flag Quiz

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Play Flag Quiz to guess the correct flag for a country in each question. With 4 answers, players will be confused to choose the correct answer for each puzzle.

Flag Quiz Introduction

This new game will bring you interesting questions about the flags of countries. It's like a test of knowledge about flags.

Flag Memory Test

This Flag Quiz game has an endless number of matches so players can play freely. Each match includes 15 questions corresponding to 15 test questions. Each question will give a country name and your task is to choose 1 of 4 flags to find the correct flag of that country.

Score Of Flag Quiz

When participating in this test, players have a time limit. If you answer correctly within the time limit, you will receive points. On the contrary, you will not receive any points if the time ends. Although you are still allowed to answer after the time is up, it will not give you points. Another similar result is an incorrect answer. When you answer incorrectly, this Flag Quiz game does not give you any points.

Note that your score will depend on the time you take to answer. Answering with less time will give you more points.

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