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About Jacksmith

Transform into a blacksmith in Jacksmith now. Let's craft different strong weapons in order for soldiers to fight against monsters and save the princess.

The plot of Jacksmith

The story starts when Jacksmith's customers do not pay the bills for horseshoes and hinges. Therefore, they are really poor. One day, he hears that the princess of the Plumpfeather family, Liliana, is kidnapped by a lonely wizard named Dudley because she is really beautiful. Therefore, the king set a reward for any brave warrior who can save the princess. Many brave guys start their adventures to find and save the princess. Jacksmith finds that it is an opportunity for him to earn money. Therefore, he and his furry apprentice named Scout open a small blacksmith store near the forest to help the warriors craft the weapons.

The playing rules

When playing this game, you will transform into Jacksmith and work in the blacksmith store. Many warriors will come to your store and ask you to craft different weapons such as swords, bows, axes, shields, maces, and so on. Note that you will claim many coins after satisfying the customers. These warriors will use the weapons you craft to battle monsters in the forest. If your weapon is powerful enough to defeat the enemies, you will get many gems and valuable items. You need to traverse different places and grow your blacksmith store.

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How to control: Use the mouse to control.

All badges in Jacksmith

Besides crafting, collecting badges is also your task. There are many badges you can try to earn. Here is the list of badges and ways to gain them.

  • Traveling Blacksmith: You must travel to Cinder Springs to get this badge.
  • Mountain Climber: This badge is unlocked if you can reach Apline Ridge - 30 Gem
  • Desert Trek: You need to reach Boneyard Dunes if you want to get this badge.
  • Sword Collection: Attempt to unlock all types of Swords to gain this badge.
  • Bow Master: You must unlock all types of Bows to earn this badge.
  • Axe Arsenal: Try to unlock all types of Axes if you want to get this badge.
  • Shield Builder: Attempt to unlock all types of Shields if you want to earn this badge.
  • Forest Trail: Traverse the Evershade Forest to gain this badge.