Five Nights at Christmas

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Enjoy 5 Christmas nights in a memorable way at Five Nights at Christmas! However, instead of relaxing, you need to protect yourself from scary animatronics. If you want to enjoy a peaceful Christmas atmosphere, you can try Xmas Mahjong.

Animatronics At Christmas

The animatronics are iconic characters from the Five Nights at Freddys series with Freddy, Chica, Bonnie, and Foxy. These characters are abandoned toys at the pizzeria where you work as a night security guard. Now, they appear again, but the scene is Christmas Eve. The house has been decorated to prepare for a peaceful Christmas. However, the appearance of animatronics will change all plans.

Play Online Five Nights at Christmas

Joining the Christmas version of FNAF, players continue to experience a life of survival.

Survival In Five Nights at Christmas

At the beginning of this survival game, you are in a room with a Christmas tree, a fireplace, and windows. The windows will be blown by the wind and your job is to close them. Otherwise, the cold wind will freeze you and the animatronics will come to you.

In addition, you also need to find flashlights in Five Nights at Christmas to increase your survival chances. However, survival missions still play a leading role in this version of FNAF. You will not receive support from cameras like previous versions.

How To Control At Christmas Version

Five Nights at Christmas players can move with the WASD key, interact with the E key, and turn on the lights with the F key.