Geometry Dash Lite

22 votes 3.9/5

Geometry Dash Lite is one of the most noticeable versions of the Geometry Dash series with 15 levels from 1-star Stereo Madness to 15-star Electrodynamix. After the success of Geometry Dash SubZero, this version was soon published to bring new experiences for all players. If you wonder features of this new volume, let's start learning about 15 levels.

15 Levels Of Geometry Dash Lite

This new version is rated as having the most levels when it offers 15 different levels for all players. When starting the game, you can see a list of levels with outstanding features. First, you can see the name of the level in the center of the screen. This name will represent the topic of that level. For example, when you join level 14, Clubstep, you seem to be immersed in a club and do magical dance moves. Besides, you can see the level of difficulty through the number of stars. This number of stars is represented by the number in the upper left. The 3 stars at the bottom left have a different meaning. These 3 stars represent the medals after you conquer each level.

Running Way Through Levels

To conquer the levels, you need to control your character to run through all the obstacles and reach the destination. However, the number of obstacles and their arrangement will always give you challenges. In particular, the high levels always put you in the most challenging environment.