Mineblock Adventure

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Mineblock Adventure is inspired by Minecraft featuring objects and graphics. Control your character in this pixel world to avoid dangers and collect loot.

A New Minecraft World

Welcome to Mineblock Adventure, a new pixel world inspired by Minecraft! Coming to this new game, players can see a familiar world with fertile land, green trees, and various dangers. The game's pixel graphics are classic and familiar to Minecraft fans.

In this world of Mineblock Adventure, players also see a familiar character, Bob. Bob is the default character for all levels in this new running version.

Run With Mineblock Adventure

Instead of collecting and fighting like Craftmine, your new mission is to run.

Run In Mineblock Adventure

Your mission is to run to the finish line of each level in this pixel world. Before the destination, there are checkpoints where you can restart that level. However, these checkpoints only work twice. After two restarts, you will have to start again from the beginning.

On your paths, there are both dangers and rewards for the players.

Dangers and Prizes of Running

In terms of danger, players may face poisonous spiders, zombies, or monsters. Spiders are the most dangerous because you cannot touch them. The remaining species can be destroyed by jumping on their heads.

In terms of prizes, players of Mineblock Adventure can collect coins, gems or diamonds. Each prize corresponds to a different number of points.

  • 1 coin = 25 points
  • 1 diamond = 50 points
  • 1 gem = 100 points