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Craftmine is a classic-style survival game. This new pixel world will open to you a new habitat with a variety of resources, terrain, and wildlife. The diversity of this new habitat will bring you many thrilling experiences to be able to survive!

The New Pixel World

Welcome to this Craftmine game where you can enjoy a lot of new experiences. Your experiences come from the main factors such as terrain, environment, resources, and other animals.

First, in terms of terrain, there are many types of terrain including two main terrains: water and soil. You can move on the ground or swim through the ocean. Besides, deep caves are also waiting for you to explore. Second, resources are your goal. Search them and collect them. You can see them in any position on the map. When you enter this pixel world, you can some similar factors with Craftnite.io because they are both survival pixel games.

Finally, pay attention to wild animals like bears, pigs, and sharks. They will move in this gaming environment. If you touch them, your endurance factors will be reduced.

The Survival Factors In Craftmine

To participate in the discovery journey, you need to ensure all 4 main factors for your character, including blood, food, water, and temperature. Food, water, and temperature will decrease over time. Therefore, you need to collect more food and drink water to avoid exhaustion. Blood factor is the most difficult because it will be reduced when you are attacked by wildlife.

Note that you have more air elements when you swim. Make sure your character has enough gas to breathe!