Cats Drop

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Play Cats Drop to merge the same cats from small to large ones to create the largest cat. Your playing board will be limited but the number of cats is endless! This contrast will make this merging game more interesting than ever!

The Cats Drop Contrast

In this online game, you can see the contrast between the number of cats and the playing space.

Endless Number of Cats

This Cats Drop game offers you an endless number of cats with 11 different types. Cats will vary in color, shape, and size. Size is the most special factor because the size of the cats will increase significantly.

Going back to the number of cats, you can drop an infinite number of cats until you reach the limit of space.

Limited Cats Drop Space

The play space is limited to a certain area and cats are only allowed to enter this area. If any cat falls out of the playing area, the game will end. Often, the play area will be full and your cat will accidentally fall out. However, there are some special cases where players accidentally let a cat out. This case also causes the Cats Drop game to end.

Score, Change, And Next

In the Cats Drop game, merging cats successfully brings players scores. Your number of scores will increase based on the number and size of the cats.

To achieve high scores, players can change the next cat in the Change section and observe the next cat in the Next section.

After completing this merging game with the biggest cat, you can play Gold Miner Tom to search for the biggest gold with the Tom character.