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Vectaria.io is an online block-craft game with 3 modes Peaceful, Survival, and Creative, and a series of other discoveries for you to mine, build, and survive.

About Vectaria.io

Let's learn about some important sections and how to control this game first.

Some Important Sections

You have 4 options for your avatar: Martha, Oliver, Mike, and Rose. These characters will represent you each time you play. To help you become more unique, this online game provides some features to customize for your character.

  • Dressing Room and Profile section requires you to log in to access. With these two sections, you can create detailed information for your character. In particular, the game becomes even more interesting when you have your own clothing collection.
  • Store Section is one of the most popular sections of this online game. The store brings you many categories including new skins, body, hats, hair, ears, glasses, beard, back, shoulders, hands, legs, and boots. In particular, each category includes many items for you to choose from. Of course, these items will require you to use gems to unlock them. Besides, don't forget to log in to make purchases.
  • The Hub section is also an interesting section that allows you to discover news and videos about this Vectaria.io game. The game will always update and bring you notable news and videos.
  • The Setting section is an important section, especially for new players. Here, you can install Generals, Sounds, and Controls. The most important is Control because you need this information to control your character.

Vectaria.io Controls

WASD or Arrow keys - Move

Right mouse button - Place block

Left mouse button - Exploit or attack

Spacebar - Jump

X - Unlock LuggageG to open the main menu

M - View spawn points

O - Open shop

U - Open inventory

I - Open guide

Enter - Chat

Play and Discover Vectaria.io

This new pixel game is the ideal environment for you to build and explore a new online world. It is similar to Bloxd io but you will have different modes and experiences compared to previous games.

First, playing this online game, you can participate in 1 of 3 modes: Peaceful, Survival, and Creative modes. Each mode will direct players to a different living environment to play certain roles.

  • If you love a peaceful living environment where you can comfortably enjoy a peaceful life, join Peaceful Mode. This mode is endless.
  • In contrast, if you love adventure and risk, Survival mode will suit you. However, this mode will be limited in time.
  • Creative mode will be an ideal environment to show off your unique inventions and build a new gaming world. Every block is available in this mode. This is an ideal condition to realize your creative ideas.

Second, you can also discover Vectaria.io with many other notable modes such as Techtaria, Hyperion, Reactor VIII, VectaVegas, PeaceLegacy, NewLife, Fight for Life, Desolation, and OG Sever.