Donkey Kong

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Donkey Kong is a video game series about the main character Donkey Kong. In this version, you will transform into Mario to face dangers from Donkey.

The Donkey Kong Character

This character is a fictional character with the appearance of a chimpanzee. It has the powerful body of a wild animal that lives in the deep forest. Every movement brings danger to your character. With just one touch with Donkey Kong, your Mario character will be destroyed. Moreover, Donkey can drop dangerous obstacles to attack you. These obstacles can also destroy you with a single touch.

In conclusion, Donkey is your opponent and it always creates a challenging environment for you to test your abilities.

Control Your Mario

Challenging environments require you to be able to master your Mario character. First, you need to know how to control your character. Mario's character will move and climb when you use the arrow keys. To jump, press the spacebar. In particular, you can use power-ups by pressing the A key. These power-ups are usually collected after you win a level. For example, level 1 will give you a booster to move faster.

Second, it is necessary to avoid obstacles and monsters. Besides the dangers of Donkey Kong, you will face other monsters like fire ghosts. They will move around the map and look for you. You need to move and keep Mario safe from them.