Merge Fruits

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Are you ready to create the largest fruits in Merge Fruits with fresh berries, apples, oranges, and a series of other fruits? Drop and merge 2 identical fruits!

Gameplay Of Merge Fruits

In this online game, players will participate in a tactical battle to create the biggest fruit. Merge Fruits game offers many different fruits and you need to combine two of the same fruit. After that, a larger fruit is created. Based on this principle, you can create new, larger fruits.

The number of fruits is unlimited and so is the time. However, this new game has space limitations. If your fruits reach the finish line above, you will not be able to continue the game. This gameplay is similar to Cats Drop.

How to Control Fruits

Controlling this Merge Fruits game is very simple because you only need to use your mouse to do this. When a new fruit appears in the upper middle, just click on the target location. Immediately, your fruit will fall and lead to the next effects.

Effects of Merge Fruits

When you drop a fruit, there are two possible effects. First, that fruit meets another similar fruit and these two fruits will combine and create a new fruit. Second, this fruit cannot meet another fruit similar to it. After that, it still exists and takes up space. This is a bad result for all Merge Fruits players.