Hole io

19 votes 3.1/5

Hole io is an arcade multiplayer game with 4 modes: Classic, Battle Royale, Teams, and Solo Run. Your character is a hole with abilities to eat endlessly.

Like Worms Zone, this online game belongs to the multiplayer genre and you will transform into a hole. Your character can move around the map and eat things smaller than it. The rules of the game will depend on the mode you join.

4 Modes Of Hole io

This multiplayer online game offers you 4 modes with the same moves. You just need to pay attention to conquering these puzzles.

  • Classic Mode is a popular mode where you will participate in 2-minute matches to find the winner. The winner is the one who gets the most points before the game ends. Points will be calculated based on the size of your character.
  • Battle Royale offers a fierce arena to find the last survivor. In this mode, you can only choose one of two options: fight or be destroyed. There is no second chance for you to return to the battle.
  • Teams Mode is Hole io's new mode where you will become a member of one of two teams and fight. Cooperating with teammates to destroy enemies will bring you many benefits.
  • Solo Run is the ultimate mode with different gameplay. In this mode, you will not compete with other players. Instead, you will fight yourself to eat the whole map in 2 minutes.

Map Diversity

Hole io gives you 36+ maps to participate in the matches. These maps will be your backgrounds in the next matches. Some examples of maps are City, Medieval, Japan, Pirstes, and Farm. Besides, you can also choose All to experience all maps in one match.