Worms Zone

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Worms Zone opens a new fighting world for all players to participate in the melee between the worms. Collect food to become stronger and defeat other players!

This game is designed with multiplayer gameplay to bring more interesting challenges to online players.

Matches In Worms Zone

This game is endless but it is still divided into many achievements that require you to complete matches to win valuable rewards. You can still play until you kill. However, small quests also appear and form special levels.

When participating in matches, you will transform into a worm and you have the ability to move around the map. While moving, don't forget to collect food and coins to grow. Food will help increase your worm's length and weight while coin is a challenge. Coins appear only when you kill another player. For killing another worm, you will get 1 coin. However, you need to quickly move to the head of this worm to eat. Otherwise, other competitors can steal from you. Besides, you should pay attention to the dangers that can destroy you.

Hidden Dangers

Dangers always appear when you participate in the matches in this Worms Zone game. The first danger is the obstacles, the giant plates of food. These foods are very large in size and you cannot eat them. You need to avoid them or your character will be destroyed.

The second danger is other players. Your worm character will also be destroyed when you hit the players, so be careful in your moves.