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Backrooms is an online escaping game in the horror and adventure genre. Mysterious and scary things are waiting for you in the upcoming adventures.

Backrooms Gameplay

Welcome to the new horror game on our website! Let's learn about your mission together in this Backrooms game!

Duties of the players

  • You need to protect yourself from the dangers of Backrooms.
  • The biggest danger is strange creatures that can make strange sounds.
  • The most important task is to find a way out of the Backrooms.
  • Escape routes often emit colorful lights and are placed in any location.

In any match, if you can accomplish the above goals, you will win.

How to control Backrooms

  • Use WASD to move.
  • Move your mouse to look and left-click to use the item.
  • Use Shift to sprint.
  • Use Q to lean left and E to lean right.

Although Backrooms' controls are more complicated than Shoot The Turtle, the game still attracts many players thanks to its attractive gameplay.

3 horror modes

This Backrooms game includes 3 modes:

  • Classic mode
  • Deaf mode
  • Free mode

Each mode gives you different characteristics of the rooms. In particular, you can choose options in Classic mode and Deaf mode. The Classic mode includes Easy, Medium, Hard, and Backrooms sub-modes while the Deaf mode has Eady, Medium, and Hard sub-modes.

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