Only Up

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Only Up takes you to a gaming world to ascend to incredible heights. Become the main character and climb through all the challenges in the game now! This game will test your controlling skills to achieve admirable results.

Control Way Of Only Up

In order to control your character, you only need to own a keyboard and use some hotkeys: WASD to move and Spacebar to jump. These hotkeys are familiar with online players because they also appear in many other games. Therefore, most players can master moving ways at the first time. In addition, there are no alternatives to guide your character, so you can focus on only one method. It's your opportunity to concentrate on it and use it fluently before coming to official adventures.

Climbing Adventures

The challenges in this Only Up game are mainly focused on climbing. You need to climb over all the different terrains and obstacles. These terrains will get higher and higher and you will also face more and more difficulties. Moreover, the obstacles will also be more complex to create challenges for the players.

During the climb, keeping your character safe is extremely important. If you fall, you must return to the starting line.