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Engaging gameplay of Deeeep.io

Deeeep.io is an awesome multiplayer game featuring many game modes. Swim around the deep sea to eat as many colorful dots as possible to grow stronger.

Choose your favorite animal

At the start of the game, you are allowed to choose between 6 kinds of fish including fish, icefish, blobfish, worm, blind cave fish, and piranha. Note that each fish has a distinct feature and habitat. You can choose your favorite fish.

Join the hunt

After selecting your favorite fish, you must start your hunt in the deep sea now. Your task is to swim around the sea to look for colorful dots because these dots will help you evolve into bigger animals. For example, if you are a worm, you can evolve into a lamprey crayfish. If you are a piranha, you can evolve into a piranha lamprey. Note that the deeper the sea is, the more colorful dots you can find. Therefore, try to dive into the deepest area and consume as many colorful dots as possible. Besides, these colorful dots also help you increase your experience points. Accumulate as many experience points as possible to raise your rank on the leaderboard at the upper right of the screen.

Play this game now to explore the deep sea. In the deep sea, you can see many beautiful terrains such as anemones, tube sponges, volcanos, beaver dams, shipwrecks, pineapple homes, and so on. Do not ignore them.

How to control

Playable game modes in Deeeep.io

Like Bloxd io, this game also allows you to choose between many game modes. In each game mode, you must complete a distinct goal.

  • FFA: This Free For All game mode, you must swim around the deep sea to seek colorful dots. Eat them to grow bigger and ascend an in-game leaderboard. There is no time limit in this game mode. However, you must encounter bigger fish alone.
  • TFFA: TFFA is the abbreviation of Team Free For All. In this game mode, you are allowed to play as a team with other players along the way. You cannot attack your teammates, but you can cooperate with them to attack other fish in the deep sea. Like FFA mode, your goal in this game mode is also to gain experience points by consuming colorful dots.
  • 1v1: You will play this game mode with another player. In this game mode, you must collect magical dots first to grow stronger than your rival. When you are powerful, it is time to attack another player. You will become a victor if you can defeat him in the shortest time.
  • PD: This Pearl Defense game mode allows you to choose between 35 characters. Moreover, you can team up with other players. There are two teams including a green team and a red team. You and your teammates have to steal the pearls of your rivals and bring them to your side. Moreover, you also need to protect your pearls from your rivals. The team that loses all pearls will become the loser.