Capybara Clicker

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About Capybara Clicker

Try out Capybara Clicker which is the hottest clicker game in 2023 now. Click on the cute yellow capybara constantly to earn coins and build a capybara empire. This game is similar to Candy Clicker, but there are many different features.

The playing rules

The mechanics of this game are super simple. You just need to click on the cute yellow capybara at the center of the playing field to earn as many coins as possible. Sometimes, the golden capybara will appear. Click on this golden capybara to earn more coins. When you have many coins, you can buy upgrades which will help to click on the capybar automatically. Moreover, you can use the coins you earn to buy new buildings and build the Capybara empire.

How to control: Click the left mouse button to play the game.

Various skins

The shop sells many skins such as a king capybara, a witch capybara, an equilibrist capybara, an umbrella capybara, a noel capybara, a Mexican capybara, a super capybara, a wizard capybara, a white and black capybara, a Robinhood capybara, a galactic capybara and so on. They are locked. Therefore, you need to collect as many coins as possible to unlock these skins.

Creator and release date

This game was made by Euclides. It was launched in November 2022. Like Paper.io 2, this game is also available on the web browser and can be played on both PC and mobile devices.