Paper.io 2

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Paper.io 2 is an awesome multiplayer game as well as the second edition of the Paper.io series. Guide a square to slide around to capture more land.

Game modes in Paper.io 2

Developed by Voodoo, this game is different from other multiplayer games. Specifically, the gameplay of this game is unique. Moreover, there are many game modes in the game that you can choose freely.

  • Classic Mode: If you are a newbie, I suggest you should choose Classic Mode to play first. The playing rules of this game mode are super easy. Just take control of your square to capture more land by coloring them. The larger your land is, the higher rank you can get on the leaderboard.
  • Teams: This mode allows you to play as a team with the other 4 players. If you want to know whether these players are your teammates, look at their color. If their color is similar to yours, they are your teammates. If their color is different from yours, they are your opponents. You must cooperate with your teammates to expand the territory of your team as large as possible and attack the enemies.
  • Small Map: As its name suggests, this game mode offers a small map in which the territory fight will be fiercer. You need to take caution with other players on the map and try not to crash into the edges of the map.
  • Fast Speed: This game mode is designed for skillful players because the speed of the squares in this mode is really fast. It may be challenging for you to control the square if you play this game mode.
  • World Conflict: This game mode invites you to participate in the territory war between many countries from all over the world. Represent your country to join the war and try to become the largest country.
  • World Map: The map in this game mode is so special because it simulates the world map. You need to guide the square to capture mountains, oceans, and especially cities in the world.
  • Battle Royale: In this mode, you need to stay in the safe zone as long as possible when the zone is shrinking gradually.
  • Create Party: Like Bloxd io, this game also allows you to create a private room and invite your friends to play with you.

How to control: Use the mouse to control the square to move around.

More things you can do in Paper.io 2

Complete many challenges

Besides the thrilling territory fights, this game also offers many challenges that you need to complete. There are a total of 21 challenges. Here they are:

  • Challenge 1: Take 15% in the Small Map mode.
  • Challenge 2: Take 15% with low speed.
  • Challenge 3: Take 15% in the Fast Speed mode.
  • Challenge 4: Kill all other people.
  • Challenge 5: Kill the other 10 players.
  • Challenge 6: Take 25% with low speed.
  • Challenge 7: Take 50% with low speed.

Customize your character

There are a total of 40 skins in this game. Some of them are available for you to choose while the other ones can be unlocked by beating the challenges. In general, all skins are really impressive. Choose one of them before entering the territory fight.