Level Devil

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Level Devil is a running game with dangerous mazes and unexpected traps. Your black character must run to the exit while not knowing the challenges ahead.

Mazes Of Level Devil

This running game is becoming a hot trend today and online players can easily find it on online platforms. In this Level Devil game, players must conquer mazes through levels.

These mazes always have different structures and challenges. In particular, unexpected traps are always trying to catch you. Level Devil players often fall into traps and have to replay the level. Can you overcome the unexpected traps and become a talented player who conquers all the levels?

How To Control All Levels

In Level Devil, you can follow the mini-map to understand all the levels. Online players must conquer the levels in order.

Conquer Levels In Order

This Level Devil game requires players to play in sequence. Each new level will be opened if you can complete the previous level. This gameplay is similar to Funny Shooter 2 where you can progress to new levels after completing shooting down all the enemies. Both games have an escape route for your character. After you go through this exit, you can proceed to the next level immediately.

Controls Of Level Devil

To conquer a level, the most important thing is to control your character with the arrow keys. You need to control flexibly and quickly to avoid unexpected traps.