War of Sticks

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War of Sticks is a fighting-strategy game where you collect resources and build an army for the blue team to attack the red team and dominate the entire map. Let's beat the power of the red team and bring peace to this whole gaming world.

How To Play War of Sticks

This game will be divided into many different battles between the blue and red teams. You will be the commander of the blue team. Your mission is to build and establish a powerful army to defeat the Red Team. To start the battles, you should hire miners first to collect resources and earn gold and stones. You can use gold to hire more soldiers and stone can be used to build fortresses.

Soldiers can attack or defend based on your command. These commands are shown at the top right of the screen. Next, fortresses built with 1000 stones will be powerful weapons. These fortresses have strong attack capabilities and your opponents cannot break them. However, the weakness of fortresses is moveless, so their attack range will be limited.

Some Special Notes About 2 Teams

Although two teams will have different strategies to attack and defend in War of Sticks, the winning team is only one. Therefore, try to destroy the enemy to advance to new lands where red teams are occupying. During battles, you should also pay attention to some important factors.

  • The number of soldiers in each match is limited.
  • There are many types of soldiers with different fighting abilities.
  • The cost of soldiers will affect their fighting ability.
  • You should upgrade your soldiers after each match.
  • Miners are also part of your army.