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Enter your name to join the Craftnite.io game with 100+ characters and start fighting with other players. You can collect trees, use stairs, and throw dynamite. This online game will open a new gaming world for you to entertain.

The Craftnite.io World

This game world opens with similar features to Bloxd io. First, when participating in this game, you will be immersed in a pixel world that simulates the real environment. You will still see mountains, grassy hills, rivers, and caves. This is an ideal natural environment for players to build and develop themselves.

Besides that, the second similar factor is multi-player. You and other players will enter this world and participate in the game's missions. Multiplayer gameplay always makes players more excited. In particular, the goal of this game is to become the strongest player on the map. Therefore, competition will be an interesting element of the game.

Competitive Gameplay

In this Craftnite.io game, you will participate in matches with many different players. Each player can choose their name and character. There are over 100 characters to choose from and they are all free.

When you enter an official match, you need to become stronger to fight the dangers and become the leader of the map. To achieve this goal, there are some helpful actions you can take.

  • Take down your enemies to get stairs and dynamite.
  • Collect plants to receive stairs.
  • Use stairs to climb higher.
  • Use dynamite to destroy everything around.

How to control Craftnite.io

  • WASD - Move
  • Space - Jump
  • Left click - Use items
  • 1,2,3,4,5 - Switch items