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The gameplay of EvoWorld.io

EvoWorld.io is also known as FlyOrDie io which is an interesting multiplayer survival game. Evolve into the biggest animal and survive as long as possible.

Eat and drink

If you are a big fan of survival games like Bloxd io, you should not ignore this game. In this game, you will become a blowfly that only likes eating shits and fish. You must hunt for food to grow bigger. Keep eating until the evolution bar is full. At this time, you will evolve into a butterfly that loves eating flowers. Note that whenever you evolve, your food will change. Besides food, water is an indispensable thing in your life. Let's always pay attention to the water bar at the top of the screen. When it is about to run out, you should be quick to jump into the river to drink water. However, do not stay in the water too long because this can make you lack oxygen and die. Get out of the river when the water bar is full.

Dodge hazards

If you want to survive in this game, you must take caution with two dangers. The first danger is animals in red. These animals can be birds, pigs, and so on. You must stay away from them if you do not want to become their food. In addition, the second danger is other players. You must be careful with players playing as bigger animals. They are ready to attack you at any time. Therefore, you had better fly away when you see other players. Of course, when you evolve and become a big animal, you can completely attack other players playing as smaller animals.

How to control: Click the left mouse button to fly.

The evolution

The evolution in this game is divided into 7 stages including Normal, Prehistoric, Monster, Demonic, Mythical, Cosmic, and Undead.

  • Normal Evolution: In this stage, you will evolve from a little fly into a butterfly, mosquito, bee, dragonfly, pigeon, duck, and then different kinds of birds.
  • Prehistoric Evolution: In this stage, you will evolve from a pterodactyl child to a Pterodactyl.
  • Monster Evolution: In this stage, you will evolve from a Swamp Monster to a Stone Eater.
  • Demonic Evolution: This stage features the evolution from a Demonic Egg Eater into a Demonic Bat and then a Demonic Imp.
  • Mythical Evolution: At the start of this stage, you will be a little dragon. Then, you will evolve into a Phoenix.
  • Cosmic Evolution: In this stage, you will evolve from Cosmic Insect into a Cosmic Big Eye, Cosmic Angry Eye, Cosmic Bat, and finally Overfed Cosmic Bat.
  • Undead Evolution: In this stage, you will become a little ghost and then evolve into ghost reapers, pumpkin ghosts, and then reapers.

The latest updates of EvoWorld.io

This game was developed by Pixel Voices and was released in April 2018. Until now, the developer has constantly updated new features for the game. This is the reason why this game attracts many players from all over the world. In 2023, the game will be updated with many new features.

In January, the creator added a new feature for registering accounts. This helps to prevent players from using inappropriate nicknames. .In April 2023, the developer added an Easter event and 4 new easter skins. Moreover, if you can catch rabbits, you will get many gems.