Candy Clicker

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Candy Clicker is a clicking game with the main character candy. A giant candy and various upgrades are waiting for you to explore in this new gaming world!

How to play

It's easy to play this Candy Clicker game because you only need to click your mouse to create new candy. Your goal is to create as many candies as possible to get the highest score.

This goal belongs to an idle game and it's exactly what the game wants. Publishers hope that players will have entertaining moments with this new game after a hard-working day. This game's relaxing way is different from Cubes 2048.io where you compete with other players to get the highest rankings. Each game has unique way to entertain and you can choose a suitable game to play.

How to use upgrades

In order to use upgrades, you have to create enough candies. When you have enough candies, you can unlock upgrades in the Shop section.

Below, you can follow some noticeable upgrades of this clicking game.

  • Cursor (buy for 25): Increase click power by 1 candy.
  • Auto Candy (buy for 100): Increase candy per second by 1 candy.
  • Candy Farm (buy for 250): Increase candy per second by 10 candies.
  • Candy Mine (buy for 6.5K): Increase candy per second by 100 candies.

As you can see, the more candies you use, the more candies you can create. Therefore, let's save your candies and have suitable strategies to unlock upgrades.

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