Celebrating Bubble Tea

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Celebrating Bubble Tea is an entertaining Taiwanese milk tea-related game. Let's make wonderful cups of milk tea for the characters in the Google Doodle series. This game is a simple way to entertain as you cooperate with a cute dog!

The In-Game Characters

In the Celebrating Bubble Tea game, there are many characters with two main roles: store owners and customers.

  • The first character is the store owner, a cute dog. This owner will give you milk tea recipes and you just need to follow the recipes.
  • The second character is the customers. Customers are more diverse when you can meet many familiar characters from other games in the same Google Doodle series. You can meet magic cats or ghosts in Magic Cat Academy 2. These characters are your customers and you will serve their needs.

Celebrating Bubble Tea Requirements

Coming to this online game, there are not many requirements for players. You mainly just need to follow the given recipes to achieve 3 stars for each cup of milk tea.

After each customer orders, the store owner will guide you with available ingredients. You just need to click and hold to put the ingredients into the cup. Note that these ingredients should only meet the allowable level. If you add too little or too many ingredients, it will be impossible to achieve 3 stars.