Magic Cat Academy 2

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Magic Cat Academy 2 continues your ghost-against battle when transforming into a cute cat in the magic academy. This is the second war with an underwater theme.

This new game always stands out with its simple graphics and gameplay. The rules in the game are simple for you to participate in the battle. Let's learn about your cat's fighting style first before going into the official matches.

Your Cat's Way of Fighting

Your cat is studying at a magic academy and he has super fighting ability with his magic. The ghosts will have different symbols on their heads and they are the weak points of your enemies. Grasping this feature, the cat only needs to use magic to draw those symbols and your enemies will be annihilated. To draw, use your mouse to move. Note that a ghost can have many symbols and a symbol can appear in many different ghosts. You can take advantage of this to kill multiple ghosts at once and win every battle!

The Story Of Magic Cat Academy 2

In the first part, ghosts attacked the magic academy and they were chased away by your cat. They have moved out to sea and hidden there. During this process, they cause a lot of harm to life in the ocean. Therefore, the cat decided to come to this sea to fight again.