Raft Wars

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Raft Wars is a sea fighting game to protect the duck's treasure from pirates. Let's aim and use your weapons to shoot them down on boats far apart. This game will take place on the sea surface with special combat conditions.

Sea Combat Conditions

Raft Wars battles take place on the sea between the Duck brothers and pirates. With this new combat environment, you will enjoy many special features.

First, the number of characters will depend on each level. The number of pirates may increase over time. Second, you and your opponent will sit in different boats. The two boats will be far apart, so you cannot observe each other's position on the sea surface. You can only track based on minimap or screen movement. Finally, weapons are an important factor in combat battles. You can unlock new weapons instead of just using cannons.

With these combat conditions, players will have new experiences to enjoy exciting shooting matches.

Raft Wars Combats

Battles will take place until a winner is found. The winner is the one who causes all opponents to fall into the sea. To accomplish this goal, you need to use weapons and aim accurately. With the combat conditions mentioned above, it was a challenge to aim. If you can aim accurately, you can win up to 90%. The rest will depend on luck and the opponent's ability.