Capybara Evolution: Clicker

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Capybara Evolution: Clicker is an idle-clicking game inspired by the evolution of the adorable Capybara. Click to observe that perfect development! It's similar to Capybara Clicker, but the Evolution mode is added.

How to play

It's easy to play this Capybara Evolution: Clicker game.

How to control

Let's click your left mouse button to create new Capybaras. This control way is much easier than Paint Strike where you join color battles.

In the beginning, you need to click two times to create a Cpybara. The more clicks you do, the more Capybaras you create.

However, if you play this game with this only control way, it's so time-wasting. It's the reason why upgrades are published.

How to use upgrades

In order to use upgrades, you need to use created Capybaras to unlock. Each upgrade has a unique cost. For example, in order to unlock the pointer, you need to use 100 Capybaras while the cursor needs to use 250 Capybaras.

Of course, the more expensive upgrades will have more benefits.

Features of Capybara Evolution: Clicker

  • Easy-clicking gameplay with interesting Capybara evolution.
  • Various upgrades from cheap to expensive.
  • Eye-catching graphic with Capybara habitats.

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