Paint Strike

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Paint Strike is a competitive duel shooting game between two teams. With your watercolor shooting ability, how much of the map can you conquer? This area is extremely important to help you gain victory at each match!

Duel Matches Between Two Teams

In this Paint Strike game, you will become a member of one of two teams: purple and yellow. Each team will have 4 members. Members have two basic characteristics. First, your character can use a gun to shoot watercolor continuously. Second, your character can be destroyed after being hit by the opposing team's watercolor.

With the above two features, you will start a competition to gain more territory. Territory will be calculated based on the color of each team. The team with more space will win. Through this victory rule, every player can see the importance of shooting. You can increase your team's area or attack the opposing team. Note that characters will be revived after being destroyed.

Paint Strike Maps And Items

Maps and items are two secondary factors in this shooting game, but they also somewhat affect the results of matches.

  • First, the map is easy to observe. You can view the entire map with limits, obstacles, and opponent positions. These factors will help you strategize before entering an official gun battle.
  • Second, items such as shoes, guns, and hats can all be changed by unlocking them. On the main screen, you can unlock them with coins. In particular, new guns can bring more power and fighting abilities.

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