Moto X3M Winter

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Moto X3M Winter is the 4th version of the famous Moto X3M series. In this game series, players ride their motorbikes and conquer challenges at each level.

How to play

To play this Moto X3M Winter game, the main task of the players is to control the motorbike.

How to control your motorbike

It is easy to control your motorbike because you only need to use the arrow keys.

  • Use the UP arrow to move forward and accelerate.
  • Use the DOWN arrow to brake and slow down the motorbike.
  • Use the LEFT and RIGHT arrows to keep the motorbike balanced.

Players can easily see these controls in the Vampire Survivors game. Therefore, it is not difficult to master this driving game.

Mission at each level

At each level, you must safely reach the destination to complete that level.

This Moto X3M Winter game includes many different levels and you can follow them in the mini-map. Each level gives you unique terrain, traps, and obstacles. Therefore, players can always experience new challenges.

Bike Skin and Star

This Moto X3M Winter game offers different skins for your Moto. However, to use these skins, players must unlock them.

In addition, don't forget stars which are awarded to players after each race. The shorter the race completion time, the more stars you win. Note that the maximum number of stars is three.