Idle Ants

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Idle Ants is an idle game for single players. You just need to upgrade your ant colony, watch them skillfully transport food pieces, and proceed to new worlds.

World Of Idle Ants

This idle game includes many different worlds that you can follow on the map. Each world will have its own characteristics to create new experiences for players. For example, in the first world, your ants will move through a house. After that, you can move to the ocean in the second world. These worlds will change based on your achievements. If you complete collecting an object, you will receive additional experience points. Once the experience bar is full, you can proceed to the next world.

As a result, moving into a new world is also an achievement. How many worlds can you conquer? Let's play together and explore our own abilities!

How to Play With Ants

The ants will move from the burrow to an object and they will continuously transport food back. All this process is automatic. If you want to control them, click to make them move faster.

Besides, you can also upgrade with 3 factors: speed, quantity, and strength. Speed upgrades help ants move faster. Upgrading the quantity helps increase the number of ants and upgrading the strength helps the ants transport more food at once.