Bullet Force

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Available game modes of Bullet Force

Bullet Force is an awesome multiplayer shooting game featuring many interesting game modes. Cooperate with your teammates to shoot down enemies.

This game also has many game modes like Bloxd io. They are classified into two types including the main game modes and special game modes. What are their differences? Play the game and explore them now.

Main game modes

The main game modes in this game include Team Deathmatch, Conquest, Free-for-all, and Gun Game. In each game mode, you will be assigned a distinct mission.

  • Team Deathmatch: In this game, you and your teammates need to cooperate smoothly to kill as many enemies as possible and earn 150 points. You will gain one point after eliminating a gunner. Do your best to get the score of 150 first before the time runs out and your rivals do that,
  • Conquest: Your goal in this mode is to capture the flags in the arena. There are 3 flags in the arena. If you can capture one flag, you will gain one point every 2-3 minutes. Try to best to warm 350 points to become the victor.
  • Free For All: Like Battle Royale mode in GoBattle.io, the mode in this game also allows you to fight against other gunners in the arena. If you are killed, you will wait for you to respawn for 5 seconds.
  • Gun Game: The gameplay of this mode is fairly similar to the Free For All mode. However, in this mode, you will receive a new gun after shooting down your enemies.

Special game modes

If you sign in to play the game, you can play special game modes which are Hardcore Team Deathmatch, Hardcore Free For All, and VIP modes. These game modes are more challenging than normal modes. They require you to master shooting and fighting skills.

How to control

Use the WASD to move.

Use Space to jump.

Use a T key to chat.

Click the left mouse button to shoot.

Use a Shift key to run

Use a P key to pause the game

Use an Enter key to respawn

Use a G key to throw a grenade

Use an E key to pick up a gun

Use an F key to use a knife

Use an R key to reload your weapon

Use a C key to crouch

Use a 2-key to change your weapon

Use the Arrow keys for killstreaks

Use the Tab key for the score

Customize your character in Bullet Force

If you want to become more powerful and stunning, you should customize your character. Let's change the gloves and clothes first. Note that rare gloves will bring some advantages. For example, nuclear gloves which are legendary gloves can increase the hip fire accuracy by 0.6%. Meanwhile, the steady gloves can boost the reloading speed by 20% when ammo is lower than 20%. Then, you must buy a gun. There are many guns such as AK 12, Famas, M4AI, Galil ACE 2023, Groza, Badger Q, AK 47, AK 5C, Compact 45, Shorty SG, and so on. They are sold at different prices. You must use the silver coins you earn to purchase the most suitable gun.