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The gameplay of GoBattle.io

GoBattle.io is an interesting multiplayer action game featuring many game modes. Play as a knight and save the kingdom from aggressive bosses.

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Traverse dungeons

If you play this game, you will have a chance to explore many dungeons. In general, these dungeons are classified into 7 types which are castle, lava, forest, water, sky, cave, and snow dungeons. Each dungeon has a unique feature and landscape. However, you also need to take caution with hazards when traversing these dungeons. When exploring the castle dungeon, you must be careful with spikes, saws, mace ax, lasers, lava, or water. Meanwhile, the lava dungeon is full of lava pools that you need to watch out for.

Battle with bosses

Besides discovering the dungeons, you also need to join breathtaking fights against bosses. They are Asterion, Firebreath, Krakopus, Gorgkin, Daragorn, Ram, Shado, and Snake-Skull Boss. They are really strong. You must pick up powerful weapons and use them to take down these bosses. You will claim many valuable items, coins, and experience points after killing a boss.

How to control

Press the A-D or Left-Right Arrow Keys to move.

Press a W or Up Arrow Key to jump.

Press an S or Down Arrow Key to the knee.

Press the Spacebar to throw the knives.

Press E-R-T-Y-U to use weapons.

Press a V key to enter the door.

Playable game modes of GoBattle.io

Like Bloxd io, this game also features many game modes. Specifically, there are four playable game modes in this game.

  • Adventure Mode: In this mode, you will join an exciting adventure in different lands. In these lands, there are many bosses. Therefore, you need to fight against them to earn coins and experience points.
  • King Mode: In this mode, you will take part in a thrilling fight between powerful knights. In this fight, your opponents are other knights from all over the world. Try to eliminate them to become the ultimate king. Note that the coins will be dropped after a knight is assassinated. Therefore, you need to murder as many knights as possible and gather as many coins as you can.
  • Damage Ball: In this mode, you will play as a team. You can be a member of the Dark team or the Light team. Your team and the opposite team will join a soccer match. In a soccer match, your mission is to cooperate with your teammates to throw the ball into the opposite team's goalpost. Keep in mind that the ball is poisoned, so it can make your HP decrease. Do not keep the ball too long.
  • Battle Royale: In this mode, you and other players will be teleported to a wide arena in which the fight between knights will take place. At the start of the fight, you have only a rock. Therefore, you need to go around the arena to pick up weapons. Use these weapons to kill other knights. Remember that the safe zone will be reduced gradually. Your health will decrease quickly if you stay out of the safe zone. Therefore, you had better stay in the center of the safe zone at all times. You will win if all knights in the arena are eliminated. The reward for the winner is 500 experience points and coins.