Monkey Go Happy Halloween

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Monkey Go Happy Halloween is a Halloween puzzle game where you find your monkey's way out by solving puzzles in the forest, tower, shack, and Dracula cave. This new game will challenge your intelligence to solve situations. Can you give up halfway? In addition, you also can try Stickman vs Craftsman, another Halloween game.

Monkey Go Happy Halloween Gameplay

The gameplay of this online game is to get the poor monkey out of the spooky Halloween land. The monkey is very scared of this strange land.

Spooky Halloween Land

In this Monkey Go Happy Halloween game, you will go to a spooky land consisting of 4 areas: Forest, Tower, Shack, and Dracula Cave.

  • Forest: The forest is the center of this spooky land. You can see signs pointing to the remaining 3 areas. Besides, pay attention to the coins next to the old tree!
  • Tower: In this area, you will see a locked old castle with scary statues.
  • Shack: In this area, an owl with a broken television will appear. Do these two objects have any use for you?
  • Dracula Cave: Dracula's Cave has been locked. Can you unlock this cave to discover new secrets?

Besides these 4 areas, you can also go to 2 other sub-areas. In these two areas, you can see a pianist playing the piano and a mysterious house with lights still on. Besides, there is also an abandoned house and a mysterious jar of blue water.

These areas always make your monkey scared. So what will you do in these areas?

Monkey Go Happy Halloween Missions

In different areas, you need to observe and find the necessary items. Link items and events together to find answers and solve puzzles. For example, you can collect coins to give to the pianist for hints. The pianist asks for 12 coins to give a hint. Besides, finding the key to unlock the tower and Dracula cave are also two important tasks for you when participating in this puzzle game.

Other Entertaining Elements

Besides solving Monkey Go Happy Halloween puzzles, you can also enjoy a few other entertaining elements in terms of characters, graphics, and effects.

  • Your character is a monkey with a scared face. The game will provide you with many different monkeys with this basic characteristic. The monkeys are free to choose from when starting the game.
  • Hats are accessories for your monkey. You can choose from Halloween-inspired hats at the beginning of each match. You can also choose again in the Hats Sections section.
  • This new game's graphics are suitable for Halloween as every location and object is inspired by the Halloween holiday.
  • The effect is clearly shown through the movement of the monkey. Your monkey is always jumping and making interesting movements.