Stickman vs Craftsman

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Stickman vs Craftsman is a survival and fighting game in the new pixel world. Inspired by Minecraft, this new game promises to bring you many new modes.

How to play

Before mentioning the modes of this Stickman vs Craftsman game, let's learn about the controls first.

How to control

To control this Stickman vs Craftsman game, players can use the following keys:

  • ARROW KEYS - Move
  • DOUBLE TAP - Sprint
  • BUTTON ON SCREEN - Shoot, place gunpowder, or hit

With these basic control keys, players can move their characters and perform other operations. In particular, you can explore the terrain and fight with other players through the keys on the screen. These control keys are located in the lower right corner. Although it's more complex than Candy Jump to control, this game is still great to try.

Your missions in Stickman vs Craftsman

In this online game, players have 3 main tasks.

  • First, you need to survive in this pixel world. The game takes you to a new world where you don't have anything. How do you survive in this pixel world?
  • Second, collect items, especially diamonds. Items will help you during survival and combat.
  • Third, the players can fight and defeat their enemies. However, to win, players need to rely on their fighting ability.

Modes of Stickman vs Craftsman

This online game includes two main modes:

  • Survival Mode
  • Find The Key

When you join Survival Mode, you can survive, fight, and collect in the pixel world. All features are shown in this online mode. When you join Find The Key mode, you can still participate in all challenges. However, finding keys is the main task.

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