Candy Jump

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Candy Jump is an online jumping game where you control a candy to move through dangerous circles. These circles can be rotated into forbidden colors.

How to play

In this Candy Jump game, players can control candy in the following way.

How to control

Use one of the following four control keys.

  • Spacebar
  • W key
  • Up Arrow Key
  • Left mouse

When you use one of these four keys, you can make your candy jump up as you wish. This control is simpler than Betrayal.io because Betrayal.io gives you more complex multi-player battles.

Rules of Candy Jump

In this online game, your task is to control the candy and comply with the following rules.

  • Candy will jump according to your controls to move up.
  • While moving, you can only touch objects of the same color.
  • Your candy may change color, so you should pay attention.
  • Circles are obstacles with many colors, you have to avoid them.
  • Choose the same color as your candy to move through.
  • If you follow these rules, you can score high in online games.

Features of Candy Jump

  • Players can control the candy's jumping force to avoid different colors. Wait for the circle to rotate to the appropriate color to move.
  • The plus signs in the middle of the circles give you points.
  • This Candy Jump game is endless so you can get the highest score possible.
  • Circles can change shape and combine with each other, so you should pay attention to this feature.