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The rules of Betrayal.io

Join Betrayal.io which is a thrilling multiplayer game now. Eliminate crewmates if you are a betrayal. Complete your missions if you are a crewmate.

Inspired by Among Us, this game also allows you to play two roles. If you play as a crewmate, you and other crewmates need to cooperate with each other smoothly to finish all missions on the mission list. These missions are fairly easy, so try to complete them in the shortest time. Moreover, you should watch out for betrayers while doing your tasks. If you are killed by betrayers, you will lose. Therefore, you must try to guess who the betrayers are and report them. Then, you and other crewmates need to vote them out. When the betrayers cause technical problems, you need to fix them quickly.

In contrast, as a betrayer, you need to disrupt crewmates and assassinate them. The best way is to mimic crewmate behaviors. You will be offered a fake task list which will help to lie to other crewmates. When you approach the crewmates without being doubted, find the chance to murder them. Another way is to cause technical problems and then kill crewmates when they are trying to solve these problems.

How to control: Use the WASD keys to control your character to move.

More things you can do in Betrayal.io

Visit the shop

In the shop, you can buy betrayal cash. Then, use these betrayal cashes to treasure chests. The more expensive the chest is, the more valuable items it contains. These items can be beautiful clothes, accessories, and so on. Therefore, you should accumulate as much cash as possible to buy the most expensive treasure chest.

Join the fishing challenge

If you have free time, you can participate in the fishing challenge. In this challenge, you will relax by catching fish. These fish can be sold to earn money. Therefore, attempt to catch as many fish as possible. Besides, other players will go fishing with you. Therefore, you can challenge them to catch more fish than you. Let's have fun with other players by playing this fishing challenge. Besides, remember to check out GoBattle.io on our website.