2048 Fusion

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2048 Fusion is a new 2048 version with special power-ups. In this version, players can collect power-ups during gameplay and use them when needed. This version marks the return of the 2048 game after a long time without upgrades.

2048 Fusion Print Upgrade

This new version retains the traditional gameplay of 2048 where players merge two similar numbers to create a larger number. With this gameplay, players can create the biggest numbers possible with endless gameplay.

However, there are changes compared to the previous version. First, the interface and graphics are completely different from the original 2048 version. With black tones and smooth effects, this 2048 Fusion game impresses players. Second, the game provides power-ups to assist players.

In-Game Power-Ups

Power-ups are not strange to online players on our Bloxd io website because there are many interesting games with this feature. Let's take a look at some outstanding power-ups of this 2048 Fusion game.

Some Significant Power-ups

  • Super Removal: Clear the board except for the three highest-valued tiles.
  • Remove: Remove one tile from the board.
  • Shuffle: Shuffle the board.
  • Upgrade: Upgrade on tiles on the board.

How To Get Power-ups

To collect 2048 Fusion power-ups, players need to combine highlighted tiles. After combining that tile, a secret power-up will be saved in the store and you can use it at any time.