Cow Bay

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Cow Bay is an idle game with a dairy cow in a bay. Build your bay by collecting items, crafting tools, expanding your area, and doing quests to earn coins. This new game attracts millions of players thanks to its gameplay and graphics.

Cow Bay Gameplay

The gameplay of this online game is a standout feature compared to other idle games. In Cow Bay, you will control a cow to collect, craft, and expand your bay. These missions will be completed in different ways.

Your Cow Bay Missions

  • Collect: You can collect berries or logs. The berries are constantly appearing on the tree and you can touch them to collect. Logs also appear randomly on the map. However, you can also cut down trees to collect logs. To cut down trees, you need axes.
  • Crafting: Crafting tools are needed to perform other tasks. For example, you need to craft axes to chop down trees. You can craft many different items based on your loot and the areas of your bay. For example, you can only craft axes in area 2 or bricks in area 3.
  • Expansion: Expansion of your bay is necessary to unlock new abilities of your cow. As you may know, you can only craft tools in certain areas. The areas will also include different items for you to collect.

Some Basic Items In Your Bay

  • Berries: Berries play an important role because they are a source of food for your cows. Your cow needs to eat to have energy and perform the game's tasks.
  • Logs: You need logs to craft basic items like axes or bricks. These items are the foundation for you to progress to higher-level items.
  • Coins: Coins are a requirement of this Cow Bay game to unlock new areas. To earn coins, you need to complete collecting and crafting tasks.

Remarkable Graphics

In addition to Cow Bay gameplay, graphics are also a prominent element of the game. It takes you to a colorful world with modern design and clear lines. This design style is completely different from the classic design at Craftmine. Our website offers games in many different designs to meet your entertainment needs. Hope you can choose a favorite and entertaining game after a hard day's work!