Horror Nights Story

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Horror Nights Story is a horror escape game for fans of the detective category. What will you do to escape a mysterious tunnel with hidden monsters? Let's start the game and show your inferences. In particular, the game is also suitable for Halloween.

Horror Nights Story Gameplay

This horror game will take you to a closed tunnel. You will be surrounded by walls and your task is to find a way to escape from here. This mission is extremely difficult because there are many dangers for you. Besides, the conditions of this tunnel are not comfortable for you to explore. Why? Let's find out in the next part of the content.

Going back to the gameplay, you can control your character in a third-person perspective. From this perspective, you can transform into the character in the most realistic way. To control your character, you can use the mouse easily.

Conditions of Tunnels

When you enter this Horror Nights Story game, a tunnel will appear with 3 main features.

  • 4 mysterious caves: In these caves, monsters can appear with red eyes. To chase them away, you need to light lamps. If you don't light the fire in time, monsters may attack you.
  • Oxygen refill: Because you are in a closed tunnel, the amount of oxygen is limited. Therefore, you always need to pay attention to the oxygen refill machine to provide more oxygen to the tunnel when needed.
  • Pickaxe: The pickaxe is your first tool. You can use it to dig and find a way out for yourself. It is also possible to find useful items during mining.