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ZOOM-BE is an escaping game for 2 players. You will transform into 2 zombie brothers and support together to reach the exit and complete a level. This game will provide various levels for you to enjoy. Are you ready to participate in new journeys?

All Levels Of ZOOM-BE

This online game includes many different levels. These levels include similar and different features. They are similar in gameplay. You both need to control your two characters to the exit to escape. To control, you just need to use the ARROW keys and WASD to move. These control keys can create great coordination between two brothers.

In contrast, there are different features of the map and location. The map of each level will be changed to bring new experiences. In particular, the maps will become more and more complex with traps and dangers. You can show off your abilities in this challenging gaming environment. Finally, the location of the two brothers and the exit door also change with each level. You should pay attention to them to find the correct paths.

The Combined Abilities of Two Brothers

The two main characters in ZOOM-BE are two zombie brothers. You can control two brothers at the same time, so this new game can be played by two players. Another 2-player game on our website is Thumb Fighter. This game also attracts many players thanks to its addictive and competitive gameplay. You should try it for free.

Your two characters can move and jump. Besides, the older character can use the lower arrow key to destroy a door while the younger character can slide through small passages with the S key. These two characters can also carry each other to jump over high walls.

When playing this 2-player game, you should coordinate with your partner to handle situations and challenges. Good luck!