Thumb Fighter

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Thumb Fighter is a competitive game between thumbs to find who is stronger. Keep your opponent burgered down until he runs out of energy and gives up. There are 2 modes for you to select.

2 Competition Modes

Welcome to this Thumb Fighter game with two competitive modes: P1 vs P2 and P1 vs CPU! These two game modes have different participants.

  • P1 vs P2 provides you with a competitive environment between real players. You and your opponent will compete on the same device. Therefore, you can invite your friends or challenge the reflexes of both your hands at the same time. To control two characters, you just need to use the A key for P1 and the UP arrow key for P2.
  • P1 vs CPU is also a competitive environment between the two thumbs. However, your opponent is a computer. This mode is suitable for single players to entertain or practice skills. To control character P1, use the A key.

Although these two modes have different participants, they all apply the same gameplay.

Thumb Fighter's Gameplay

The gameplay of this game is simple as you use hotkeys to control your finger character. When you control, your finger will bend down and create an attack force. That attack will be successful if you can burger your opponent down. Play until your opponent runs out of the health bar to win. The player who wins 2 points first will win.

Note that your attacks will be most effective when your power bar is at maximum. The force bar is below the health bar and it is always fluctuating. Wait for your power bar to reach maximum level and attack to defeat your opponent as quickly as possible.