Xmas Bubble Frenzy

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Play Xmas Bubble Frenzy to shoot bubbles to meet levels' requirements in the Christmas atmosphere. Let's aim and remove special Christmas balls!

Christmas is coming and the song All I Want for Christmas Is You is back with us again. With the Christmas atmosphere in full swing, let's enjoy a Christmas-themed game, called Xmas Bubble Frenzy.

Chrismast In Xmas Bubble Frenzy

In this new Xmas game, players can enjoy an online Christmas atmosphere with colorful bubbles. Christmas trees, Santa Claus, snow globes, white snowflakes, and bright red gift packages will appear in this online game. Do they make you look forward to the coming Christmas?

This Christmas game becomes special when it combines with bubble-shooting gameplay.

Bubble-Shooting Gameplay

In Xmas Bubble Frenzy, you will perform tasks according to each level.

Quests In Xmas Bubble Frenzy

Players need to shoot bubbles onto the playing board to match bubbles of the same color. Your goal is to achieve the requirements of the Xmas Bubble Frenzy game on the left of the playing board.

The game may require multiple targets for bubbles and special balls. For example, at level 1, you need to remove 12 pink bubbles, 15 green bubbles, 16 blue bubbles, and 3 special balls.

The Special Balls

Special balls are a target in the Xmas Bubble Frenzy game. You need to remove them in enough numbers to complete a level.

However, these balls are not added for shooting. Instead, you need to remove the surrounding bubbles to make the special ball fall. After that, don't forget to challenge your shooting skills in Knife Shooter with moving knives.