Knife Shooter

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Play Knife Shooter to throw a moving knife at fixed targets. Aim accurately and throw each knife to achieve admirable achievements with the endless knives. Are you ready to throw knives with your shooting skills?

Knives And Target

Like Knife Smash, in the Knife Shooter game, players need to pay attention to two main objects: the knife and the target. These two objects will be important factors for players to create success.

Knife Shooter Target

The game offers a lot of targets but the targets will not appear at the same time. Instead, each target will appear and change positions with each other. They can be placed on the left, right, top, or bottom. No matter where it is located, your knife must always aim for it to perform your task.

Your Moving Knives

Knives are also an important item because you need to throw the knives at the target. There are many knife-related games and Knife Storm is an example with attractive gameplay.

In contrast to the target, the knives will move continuously left and right. You need to time it when the knife moves straight to the target location. This is the right time to throw the knife and win points.

How To Throw Knife Shooter

To throw knives, just click anywhere on the playing screen and the knife will be fired forward automatically. That throw will be successful if you can aim at the target. Otherwise, you will return to the beginning with the first goal.