Knife Smash

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Knife Smash is an online arcade game where you throw knives at targets to destroy them. However, you need to use enough knives without any collisions.

How to play Knife Smash

On our Bloxd io website, this Knife Smash game is one of the most popular games. Let's learn about its control first!

How to control

To throw the knives, you just need to click on the screen.

The knives in Knife Smash will automatically throw forward and stick into the target. This control method is extremely easy so all players can use this control method.

Rules of Knife Smash

When you play this online game, you need to pay attention to some of the following rules.

  • Avoid collisions between knives.
  • You must restart that level if a collision occurs.
  • When you safely throw all the knives, you can proceed to the next levels.
  • Red apples can be cut.
  • These apples will be your reward.
  • You can unlock new skins for the knives.

Notes for Knife Smash

The most important note is the rotation speed of the targets.

Your targets can rotate continuously in one position. As a result, you can throw knives at other knives. If this collision occurs, you cannot continue the game. Therefore, players need to pay special attention to the rotation speed of the targets.