World's Hardest Game

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World's Hardest Game is one of the most challenging puzzle games to control a red block, avoid blue balls, and collect yellow circles to reach the green area. This online game includes 30 hardest levels for all players to challenge!

30 Hardest Levels

This World's Hardest Game game has a total of 30 levels and each level is a different challenge. Each level in this game is special because of the difficulty of the game. Your gaming life will not be as relaxed as Idle Ants ants who just bring food to the nest to make money. Instead, you must overcome the obstacles from the game with a system of complex items. Each item will play a different role.

All Items in the World's Hardest Game

In this game, you need to pay attention to 4 main factors.

  • Red Block: You will control the Red Block to conquer the difficulties of this puzzle game. Red Block will represent you to move. To control it, you just need to use the arrow keys.
  • Blue Balls: In the levels, Blue Balls appear many times and they can move automatically from one position to another. Their movement speed is fast. However, Blue Balls are your obstacles. The red blocks will be destroyed if you touch them.
  • Yellow Circles: Like Blue Balls, Yellow Circle can appear many times on a map. However, you can collect these items.
  • Green Area: The green area is the last place. You need to move to this safe area to complete a level.