SuperBattle 2

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SuperBattle 2 is a competitive game between two players in mini-matches. Players will participate in matches of soccer, racing, shooting, or other sports.

Games like State.io and Hospital Hustle don't have many themes like this game.

How to play

Let's learn about the controls of SuperBattle 2 first.

How to control

To control SuperBattle 2, players need to choose their first competition theme. There are many themes for you to choose from such as basketball, racing, soccer, or shooting. Each theme will have corresponding controls and the game will display instructions on the screen.

For example, when you participate in the Boxing competition, the game will instruct you to use UP ARROW for the red player and A key for the blue player. Most matches have simple controls to suit all players.

Rules of SuperBattle 2

Each theme has its own playing way, but the rules are the same. Two players participate in a match. Before starting a match, you can set the time for that match. During this time, the player who scores more points will win.

With this rule, players need a companion to compete in a match.

Features of SuperBattle 2

  • This game offers exciting two-player matches.
  • You can challenge your abilities with many different sports.
  • This SuperBattle 2 game allows you to set the time for each match.
  • There are simple gameplay and controls to suit many ages.