We Become What We Behold

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We Become What We Behold is an arcade game where the Circles and Squares live together. You can take photos of events and rely on them to guide public opinion. This online game is a unique game for all players with special photo-taking gameplay.

Photo-taking Gameplay

In We Become What We Behold, you will play the role of a photographer. You can observe all the happenings in this special community and take photos of any events. To take a photo, you just need to click on the target location and the photo will automatically be stored. After that, it will be displayed in the middle of the main screen where all Circles and Squares can observe. As a result, your photo can affect the characters, cause the community to become chaotic, and reach the final conclusion.

This photography game usually lasts 5 minutes.

The End Of We Become What We Behold

The ending of this game is usually the same with the survival of only two characters, a Circle-Round couple. Why? Let's learn about the game's plot to understand it in more detail.

This community includes Circles and Squares. They have long-standing enmity. However, a Cricle and a Square love each other and form the only couple in the community. The remaining characters are always uncomfortable with their opposing characters. After they see the photos you took, anger in the community will increase and lead to a war. As a consequence, except for the couple, all remaining characters are destroyed.

This We Become What We Behold game not only brings entertainment but also human values. Only loving each other can bring the characters a peaceful and happy life.