Tiny Fishing

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How deep can you reach in the Tiny Fishing game? Endless fish and infinite depths are waiting for you to put down your fishing rod and conquer.

Play Tiny Fishing Online

This fishing game gives you both online and offline modes. Let's learn about the online fishing mode together first.

How To Go Fishing Online

To play Tiny Fishing online, you will transform into a man floating on the sea surface. With a simple fishing rod, press the Play button to drop it below underwater. After that, use your mouse to move the hook and catch the surrounding fish. Each time you fish, you can only catch a certain number of fish. To increase the number of these fish, you need to increase the fishing rod cable with Max Fishhes. In addition, you should also upgrade Max depth to reach deeper waters. Deeper waters will yield more valuable fish.

Features of Tiny Fishing Online

The first outstanding feature is the great graphics and effects for fishing trips. Players can enjoy modern graphics with a variety of fish and eye-catching colors.

Second, players can change the hooks in Tiny Fishing to many different shapes. This feature is similar to the skin feature in the Snowball.io game.

Finally, don't forget to go to the aquarium to see what kind of fish you catch. You can earn a lot of income from clicking on the fish in this aquarium.

Offline Earning Mode

You can earn offline in Tiny Fishing without fishing. After every minute offline, you can get $5. If you want to increase this amount of money, you can choose to upgrade Offline Earnings.