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Snowball.io is an online iceberg-on battle with the participation of 10 players at the same time. Create and use giant snowballs to push opposite vehicles out! Battles in this fighting game will never stop until there is a winner!

Battles In Snowball.io

Battles involve 10 players and take place on an iceberg. Ten players will control their avatars with the mouse and compete with other players. The competition will help you eliminate other players and win. To eliminate opponents, you need to push them off the iceberg using snowballs. When you throw a snowball at another player, that player will be knocked up. As a result, you can eliminate a player if that player cannot return to the battlefield.

Besides, the iceberg battlefield is also a highlight as it will change with each match. In particular, the area of the iceberg will increasingly shrink to make the battle more thrilling. While playing, you should pay attention to red areas, the dangerous areas about to collapse. Let's move out of that area to ensure your vehicle's safety!

Victory And Bonuses

To win, you need to be the last player on the iceberg. The winning prize is a large amount of stars. Stars will help you increase your rank. For example, you need 170 stars to increase 2-star Silver to 3-star Silver. Besides, 3-star Silver will help you increase to 1-star Gold and your rank will continue to increase with more admirable prizes.

Another important element is bonuses that can help you win in Snowball.io more easily. After successfully destroying an opponent, your vehicle will become bigger. As a result, it will be harder to push and you will also create larger snowballs faster. After playing this multiplayer game, you can join various other multiplayer games on our website. One of the most significant games is Bloxd io with unique pixel graphics to create a special environment to survive and fight.