Timber Guy

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Timber Guy is a quick-reaction game where you become a lumberjack and avoid collisions with tree branches. Let's click on either side of the tree to move! This new game will test your reaction within a limited time!

Timber Guy Gameplay

The gameplay of this game is simple for all players because you just need to click to cut down trees and move your character.

  • CUT TREES: Every time you click, your character makes cuts. After each cut, you will chop a log and receive a point.
  • MOVEMENT: Your character's movement also depends on clicking. The tree will be in the middle of the screen and you can click on either side of the tree. Whichever side you click on, your character will move to that side.

This way of moving will help you avoid tree branches. Tree branches will appear randomly. Move to the side without branches to keep your character safe. In addition to avoiding collisions, you also need to pay attention to an important factor: time.

Limited Time For Lumberjack

This Timber Guy game will also end if you do not ensure the time between clicks. There is a time bar at the top. After each click, the time bar will gradually increase. If you let the time bar decrease to zero, the game will also end.